Warehouse equipment

Main advantages fof the warehouse equipment produced by HELI FORKLIFT TRUCKS:

AC motors and Curtis AC controllers

Highly performance AC motors and Curtis AC controllers increase power and performance of equipment.

The lack of friction components and other switchgear equipment significantly reduce the costs of service and the risk of unscheduled downtime of equipment.

Multifunctional display 

LCD display for counting the working hours and battery charge.

Handle for the operator. 

Comfortable and easy to use ergonomic handle for the operator. Ability to control speed.

Electronic power steering system (EPS)

Power steering system which is not connected directly to the drive wheels. This allows for a more precise and easy control.

Automatic four-wheels drive for compensation of traction.

Centrally located servo cylinder that keeps the traction of the drive wheel optimized as loads are increased.

Side battery extraction for easier change.

Side battery extraction allows easier battery change and fast access to the operator to maintain the battery.

Sealed stabilizer wheel

Special design sealed stabilizer wheel not only eliminates the fiber material intertwined, but also ensures the stability during driving and steering, effectively reduces the sway and side turn over.